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by Marta Juste, Technical Assistance Analyst, GAWA Capital

Towards 21st century-worth financial standards

by Christoph Jungfleisch, CEO and Founder, YAPU Solutions

Webinar series

1. "Introducción a las finanzas de resiliencia" con CIAT, GAWA Capital y YAPU Solutions

2. "Pasos prácticos para trabajar con inversores de impacto en temas de resiliencia" con GAWA Capital, Oikocredit y ResponsAbility

3. "Implementación de un producto verde: oportunidades y desafíos" con Fundación Espoir

4. "Lecciones aprendidas en la aplicación e implementación de metodologías de crédito especializadas para el sector de bajos ingresos" con ASEI El Salvador

5. "Soluciones digitales para las IMFs" con YAPU Solutions y Evolution Labs

6. Combinar la resiliencia financiera para las Mujeres

7. Información científica en el diseño integral de servicios financieros para agricultores


December, 09. 2021
Official launch event of Scale for Resilience for Africa

On December 9, 2021, the official launch event of Scale for Resilience for Africa will take place. The initiative established by YAPU Solutions, CCAFS and GAWA Capital contributes to the overall goals of Race to Resilience of making 4 billion people more resilient by 2030 through a special approach: Scale for Resilience aims to facilitate this shift by unlocking capital towards Nature-based Solutions for the most vulnerable: smallholder farmers and rural communities. 

The launch event will see contributions by 

  • Nigel Topping, High Level Climate Action Champion COP25 (tbc)
  • Musondu Mumba, Chiedf, Terrestrial Ecosystem Unit (TEU), UNDP
  • Deissy Martínez Baron, Regional Program Leader, CCAFS
  • Luca Torre, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, GAWA Capital 
  • Christoph Jungfleisch, Founder and CEO, YAPU Solutions

as well as other members of the initiative.

Invited to join are (M)FIs, Investors and facilitators of all kinds, but united in the spirit that climate smart finance is the future and digital tools necessary to unlock capital for local adaptation.