Resilience Finance Days

For the first time ever, Scale for Resilience and its partners will be organizing the Resilience Finance Days, a virtual mini-conference to build community and share knowledge on the topic of “Resilience Finance”. Both days will consist of four sessions with a specific geographic focus. Thursday, May 25th will be the day dedicated to Latin America and Friday, May 26th will be for the Caribbean. The central theme is on providing access to finance for climate solutions as well as creating the conditions for it along the financial value chain. Topics range from existing barriers to resilience finance, financing of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), the role of digital tools, to building the business case for adaptation. The Resilience Finance days seek to be the platform for a growing ecosystem of Investors, Financial Service Providers and Facilitators, all motivated to pursue resilience finance. It is an inclusive space geared at knowledge exchange and mutual learning. Join us!

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What is the problem we are tackling?

In Western Africa alone, more than 60% of the population depends directly or indirectly on smallholder farmer units for food security and income generation, while this number is estimated to be 70% in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, access to finance to build resilience of vulnerable communities against adverse climate change impacts is scarce. The perceived high investment risk of small-scale agriculture amplified by a growing number of extreme weather events translates into an adaptation gap that is 5 – 10x higher than current finance flows. At present, international adaptation finance represents only 14% of total public finance. We aim to support the financial value chain in delivering adaptation finance where it is needed most: among the most vulnerable populations, like e.g. smallholder farmers. Increasing resilience through the financing of climate solutions, is a cost-efficient approach to reach increased productivity and resilience against climate change at scale.

Who are we?

Scale for Resilience is a community of practice which facilitates knowledge transfer, awareness raising, and joint projects focusing on providing access to finance for adaptation solutions for the most vulnerable populations. As an enabler between different members of the financial value chain (Investors, Financial Service Providers, facilitators and end-beneficiaries) with a focus on the “last mile”, Scale for Resilience aims to address the practical challenges of theoretical concepts and provide actionable, collaborative and scalable solutions. We want to grow the network, so come and join us!

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