Race to Resilience: Become part of the Scale for Resilience initiative!

Why we need to act now!

The UNFCCC Race to Resilience has invited initiatives all over the world to build up resilience towards climate hazards for 4 billion people globally by 2030.

More than 500 million of the most vulnerable people worldwide are smallholder farmers and by producing around 80% of the food supply in developing countries they are crucial actors for they communities’ livelihoods. Despite their important role, they often lack the necessary agricultural inputs and finance to adapt to the climate crisis. We are only nine harvests away to transform our agricultural and financial systems towards catalyzing resilient livelihoods and the time to act is now.


About our initiative

Our Scale for Resilience initiative has been accepted to be part of the 9-year campaign to address this challenge by providing smallholder farmers with access to finance for Nature-based Solutions – powerful tools to foster resilience for the most vulnerable.

The driving forces behind the initiative are the German Fintech YAPU Solutions, the leading research center CIAT/CGIAR and the Spanish Impact Investor GAWA Capital and we pledge to make 3 million smallholder farmers more resilient until 2030.

The innovative motor behind the initiative

The initiative empowers local Microfinance institutions so they can act as agents of change for the smallholder farmers by financing Nature-based Solutions to increase productivity and resilience. To fulfill this role, microfinance institutions need three elements: they need the right tools to evaluate their clients’ climate risks, more efficient processes, and knowledge about the economic benefits of Nature-based solutions. YAPU Solutions addresses these needs with a software solution that digitizes the credit evaluation process for smallholder farmers. The automated analysis allows MFIs a complete view on production and climate risks, entails recommendations on farming practices and crops, and facilitates financial products to finance the most suitable Nature-based Solutions per farmer.

Join us!

To multiply these ambitions, we are looking for like-minded financial institutions, investors, but also other facilitating actors.

Are you interested to join? Please send us a message to

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