COP27 Session White Papers

In November of 2022, we were proud to host two engaging sessions at the COP27 Resilience Hub. To solidify and formalize all that was discussed and mentioned by the speakers and audience, we have produced white papers for each of the sessions.

In 10-highly digestible pages, each report summarizes the key findings of their respective sessions. Both reports include a graphic harvesting sketch to visually represent the discussion points of the sessions, again providing a creative way to communicate the findings. We can’t wait to return at COP28 for another incredible experience and to host more sessions.

How to finance resilience for smallholder farmers at scale?

This report presents the key discussion points of the session in a succinct manner, first, detailing the key barriers along the financial value chain to scaling the financing for resilience, then also listing the solutions that will allow for the scaling of resilience financing. Additionally, current projects in inclusive and adaptive resilience finance as listed for readers to further engagement on the topic. To read the white paper, click on the image or the link below.

Financing Resilience_Whitepaper




How to improve productive realities at scale?

This report focuses on outlining the key discussion topics of the session on the topic of the need for digital decision support for smallholder farms and beyond. First, discussed were key barriers to improving productive realities for smallholder farmers, and then what the role of digital solutions are and their identified best-practice solutions that address the critical challenges. Read on to also find a list of current initiatives that are working to improve these challenges and implement solutions. To read the white paper, click on the image or the link below.

Productive Realities_Whitepaper



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